School Counseling

Hours of operation: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Support staff: Ms. Rosalie Delumpa
Phone: (757) 648-4911
Guidance Fax (757) 431-3773

An Overview to Virginia Beach City Public Schools’ Guidance/Counseling Services

photo of guidance department chair and 8th grade school counselor ms. samiya sanderson
Ms. Samiya Sanderson
Guidance Dept Chair

8th grade
Ext. 84910

photo of 6th grade school counselor mr. joe wydra
Mr. Joseph Wydra
School Counselor
6th grade
Ext. 84912

photo of 7th grade school counselor ms. ingrid wilson
Ms. Ingrid Wilson
School Counselor
7th grade
Ext. 84913

photo of guidance secretary ms. rosalie delumpa
Ms. Rosalie Delumpa
Guidance Secretary

Mission Statement

The mission of the Virginia Beach City Public Schools Middle School Guidance Program is to partner with parents, community, faculty and staff to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students thus preparing them with the knowledge and skills to be productive members of society.

What are the credentials of the counselors?

  • Master's degree from an approved college/university program in school counseling.
  • Two years of successful full-time teaching or relevant work experience in guidance and counseling.
  • Licensed by the Virginia Department of Education.

How is a student referred to the program?

Students may be referred to the counselor by parents, teachers, administrators, or peers, or they may self-refer.

Are students required to participate in the program?

No student is required to participate in any guidance and counseling program to which the parents of that student object. Parents may choose to limit participation in any or all guidance and counseling services at any time by sending a letter to the school principal or by completing a guidance form available at the school.

What does the program provide students?

  • Assists students in their educational, career, personal, and social development.
  • Helps students resolve problems which interfere with learning.
  • Facilitates educational and career planning.
  • Increases knowledge of self and others.
  • Supports students with specific needs.
  • Offers crisis intervention and prevention.

What does the program provide parents?

  • Facilitates a home/school partnership in fostering school success.
  • Provides support for parents regarding their child/s educational development.
  • Shares information with parents to help clarify and/or solve student and/or school-related problems.
  • Protects the privacy of information shared by parents and students
  • Assists parents in refining parenting skills.
  • Coordinates school/community services regarding specific needs of students.

May parents review materials used in the program?

Materials used in the School Counseling Program are available for parental review in each school. Parents may schedule an appointment with the school counselor for this purpose.

What can you as a parent do to help your child succeed in school?

  • Provide an appropriate study environment at home.
  • Establish fair and reasonable expectations.
  • Take time to listen to your child.
  • Maintain communication with teachers, counselors, and other school personnel.
  • Participate in school activities.
  • Help your child establish realistic career and educational goals.
  • Celebrate your child's successes and recognize that mistakes or failures can be turned into positive experiences.

Military and Family Life Counselor Program (MFLC)

A Master's Degree level counselor provides brief solution-focused problem solving, support and engagement to military youth and their families here at Plaza Middle School. Services are kept confidential and center around concerns such as communication, social skills, deployments, separation adjustment, behavioral concerns, fear, grief and loss. Contact your school counselor for more information.