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ePat Launcher
IQ Interactive Quizzes in Hot Potatoes
Jefferson Labs
NBC Learn
VA DOE Practice Items

Social Studies-6th grade
Social Studies-7th & 8th grade
English Textbooks
French Textbook (Classzone)
Math Textbooks
Health Textbook
Paso a paso

Spanish Realidades Online Textbook

Impact Testing

EOY Review Units 4-7

Language Arts

English General Grammar and Editing Writing

Academy of American Poets
Elements of Literature
Free Rice (Vocabulary Building)
News Literacy Project
SAT online login
Scholastic News (main idea activities)
Visual Thesaurus

Grammar Blast
Grammar Gorrillas
Grammar Practice Tests
OWL English
Power Proofreading
No Red Ink


Evaluation Station
Graphic Organizers
Interactive Story Map
Myth Machine
Read-Write-Think-Comic Strip
Read-Write-Think-Venn Diagram
Read-Write-Think- Persuasion Map
Read-Write-Think- Flip a Chip
Wacky Web Tales

Inference Context Sightwords

Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
What Can you Infer?
Detectives Notebook
Inference Jeopardy
What Can you Infer #2
Super Teacher Tools

Context Clues
Context Clues 2
Context Clues 3
Super Teacher Tools
Context Clues 4

Sight Words Definition
Sight Words Sun Attack

Phonics Reading Comprehension  

Deep Sea Phonics
Phonics Knowledge
ICT Games

Adapted Mind  


Math General Algebra Geometry

A+ Math
Cool Math 4 Kids
Everyday Math
First Math
Flash Cards
Fun Mathematics Lessons
Math is Fun
Math Teasers
NCTM-Interactive Tools
Shodor Interactive
SEN Printables
Virtual Manipulatives

Algebra Balanced Scales
Algebra I Online
Create a Graph
Equation Busters
Function Machine
Inequality Game
Purplemath Forums
Regents Algebra Jeopardy

Angle Terminology Flash Cards
Building Blocks Classifying Angles
Glencoe-Geometry online
Icy Slides Flip Turns
Interactive Geometry
Pythagorean Theorem
Tessallations Cyber Puzzles


Science General Chemistry Life Science
Climate Change for Kids
The Nine Planets
Renewable/Non-renewable Energy
Roller Coaster Simulation
Weather Channel
Weather Channel Kids
Windows to the Universe

Balance a Chemical Equation
Jefferson Lab Balancing Chemical
Science-Periodic Table #1
Science-Periodic Table #2


Cells Alive
Defined STEM Marine Biologist Task
DNA from the Beginning
DNA Workshop
Discover with Darwin
Microscope Interactive PowerPoint
Mitosis World

Social Studies

Social Studies General US History Civics and Economics

Brain Pop
Learn the U.S. States
Historic Documents
Holocaust Memorial Museum
Presidents of the United States
Regions of North America
The White House

Civil War Picture Album
Civil War Home Page

Ben's guide to government-cabinet
Cabinet Departments
Congress for Kids
Executive Agencies
Powers of Congress
The Reach of Congressional Power


Foreign Language Health and PE Teen Living

English-Spanish Vocabulary Quizzes
French Expedia
Languages Online
Paris Hotels
Realidades Interactive Activities
Mi vida loca

House Ear Institute
Harvard-Disease Risk
Learn to be healthy
Disease Risk Index
Nutrition Explorations
Keep Kids Healthy
First Aid Safety
Virtual Body
My Fitness Pal
Middle Schooler's Learning Style
Kids Health
Anatomy Arcade

All Recipes
Apartment Guide
Lemonade Stand Simulation

Other Resources

Art Guidance Teacher Tools

Art Zone
Collage Machine
Digital Gallery
Everystock Photo

Famous Artist Gallery
Ms. Schutte Technology Portrait
Pics 4 Learning

Exploring Careers
Va. View Careers

Virginia Mentor
Virginia Wizard

Interest Assessment
Learning Style Online

Special Things

Yearbooks Ms. Maxwell-Brook's Class
Children's Storybook
Literacy Online Picture Books
Counting Money
Interactive Skill Builders
PBS-Kids Sesame
Funschool Caboose
Mouse Skill Activities
Study Zone
Counting 1-20
PBS-ABC Lions Wordplay
PBS-ABC Lions Match the Sound

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